Saturday, 25 October 2014

Craig Christie for Coffs Harbour

If you missed the Candidate Announcement - here it is again

Greens Candidate Announced – We won’t sellout NSW

Craig with his three children at a recent Climate Change event.

The Coffs Harbour Greens have selected local Sandy Beach resident Craig Christie as their candidate for Coffs Harbour in the March 2015 state elections.

“Although many months away this election will certainly present a clear choice for the public” said Mr Christie. “If you are happy with the practices of pollies looking out for their mates in big business and decision making behind closed doors, then you should continue to vote for the Nationals and re-elect the LNP. On the other hand, if you want accountable and transparent government and politicians that are truly ‘public’ servants then vote Greens! “

Mr Christie who works in IT and has experience as a Business and IT Consultant also indicated the election would go beyond state issues and also reflect the public sentiment on the actions and policies of the federal government.

“The Greens believe in a fairer society, with education and healthcare a right for all not just the wealthy. We strongly support prioritizing public health and public education and not viewing them, as the LNP do, as expenses. We view investment in education as an investment in the future that builds a better society and a stronger economy.” Mr Christie said.

“Like many others groups and people in this state the Greens are concerned with the rush to sell off our resources and assets for short term profits in NSW, with irresponsible mining for example a huge danger. We will continue to defend our environment from dubious and dangerous practices and also stand firm on our belief that the energy sector should not be privatized.” said Mr Christie

In a reference to the recent change of position from the Nationals on the sell-off of the energy sector assets, Mr Christie stated.

“Unlike Andrew Fraser and the Nationals we will not submit to the demands of the Liberals and backflip on this issue. We offer a clear alternative to retain an existing revenue stream and assets in the energy sector and over time transition to renewable energy sources to boost jobs, lower household energy costs and clean up the environment. Obviously this vision will be very hard to implement and any benefits lost if the industry is controlled by profit-focused private enterprise!"

Craig with Greens Senator Lee Rhiannon