Monday, 19 January 2015

A Letter from our Candidate - Craig Christie

Wishing you a happy and healthy new year,
In the next few weeks John Courcier, Susan Doyle (Membership Officer) and myself will be contacting our members and supporters in an attempt to organise volunteers for the upcoming state election on March 28th. The Coffs Harbour Greens have a limited budget for the 2015 state election, however we are making the most of our funds with a brochure and various marketing activities organised by the campaign committee.

What we need in the next few months are volunteers to help with booths at pre-poll and on polling day. We need you! We will also be busy at market stalls and delivering thousands of brochures to homes across the Coffs Harbour electorate, so any support with getting the brochures delivered will be greatly appreciated.

 The Victorian election highlighted a voting trend away from the conservatives, with the Vic Greens historically winning lower house seats, however the overall Green vote remained only steady. Labor in NSW has a lot more baggage and is unlikely to sweep into power as they did in Victoria, the number of votes between the old parties will most likely shrink in NSW as the LNP have also been caught up in corruption issues and residing over numerous unpopular policies.

There is a major opportunity for the NSW Greens, including us here in Coffs Harbour to gain those votes from dissatisfied ALP and LNP voters! Unlike the LNP we want to see TAFE supported and prioritised, along with other public assets such as hospitals and the energy sector. Unlike both the LNP and ALP the Greens have a 'clean' record and continue to push for increased accountability and transparency and are very strong and consistent with our message re inappropriate mining including CSG. We have a vision for a renewable energy transition and addressing climate change concerns as responsible stewards for the future. We don't target the vulnerable members of our society and instead believe a wealthy and healthy society supports those least able to help themselves with a preference for 'closing the gap'. In a close election result the Greens could end up with the balance of power in the upper house and possibly also grow our lower house numbers.

As most of you appreciate Coffs Harbour is historically a very strong Nationals electorate, however the unfair federal budget and the on-going weak support for regional Australia from the Nationals provides an opportunity for us Greens to share our vision of a fairer, healthier and more sustainable society. Unlike other parties we Greens are not beholden to mining companies at the expense of our farmers and health of our local environment.

 As the Greens candidate I will continue to get our message out in the public domain wherever possible via formal media releases, candidate forums, door knocking and market days etc, however with your crucial help we can maximise our votes and continue to grow the Greens in Coffs Harbour. Note: if you have not been contacted by March and you are able to help please contact myself via this email or the mobile number listed below. Thanks Go Greens! Kind Regards Craig Christie Coffs Harbour Greens Secretary and 2015 State Election Candidate