Sunday, 1 February 2015

Greens commit to restoring Solitary Islands Sanctuary protections

ry 1, 2015

Media Release 1st February 2015

The Greens have committed to making the health of our oceans a priority for the 2015 State Election calling for the restoration of full protections to the State’s marine sanctuary areas including in Solitary Islands Marine Park. 

Greens NSW MP and Marine Environment spokeswoman Dr Mehreen Faruqi was joined by Greens candidate for Oxley Carol Vernon, Craig Christie, Greens candidate for Coffs Harbour, Justin Field, Greens candidate for the Upper House, to announce the Greens election commitment today at Coffs Harbour.

Dr Faruqi said:

 “The Liberal National Government caved to pressure from the Shooters and Fishers Party by moving to permanently remove protections in the sanctuary areas at Minnie Water Back Beach and around Bare Bluff and Moonee Beach. 

“Less than 7% of NSW waters were declared no-fishing sanctuary zones, now their even less. This Government is taking us backwards with its weak marine protection policies and its attacks on the environment have been quite relentless. 

“Economic analysis after the creation of the Solitary Islands Marine Park showed a significant boost in local businesses and tourism. Undermining the marine park undermines these economic opportunities.

“The Greens will continue to work in the parliament and with the community to restore full protections for our Sanctuary Zones so we can preserve ocean biodiversity, have fish for the future and support the local tourism industry that relies on a healthy ocean and biodiverse marine life,” Greens MP Dr Faruqi said.

Craig Christie said, “The people along the Coffs Coast love the ocean and want to see the marine environment preserved for future generations to enjoy.”

 “The Greens support sustainable fishing and the science shows that one of the best ways to protect fish for the future is through sanctuary zones where fish can be allowed to breed and grow,” said Carol Vernon.