Sunday, 22 March 2015

Greens support better approach to planning

Cofffs Harbour Greens candidate for the 2015 state election Craig Christie has publicly endorsed ‘Planning for People’, a community charter for good planning in NSW.

“A range of local planning issues has clearly highlighted the urgent need for a more consistent, efficient and community based planning system. The low public confidence in NSW planning is also reflected by the unpopular and inappropriate development proposals in the Coffs region. Recently we have had development proposals that were not environmentally sound, such as Hearnes Lake, Emerald Beach and Pioneer Park, with all proposals lacking crucial community support. “ Mr Christie said.

A community charter for better planning, developed by several community groups, describes a vision and principles of planning that considers current and future needs. It attempts to implement a fair and integrated approach to planning with local communities given a meaningful voice.

Mr Christie stated “ The proposed charter importantly re-enforces ICAC recommendations addressing the need in NSW for accessible, accountable and a corruption free planning system. The charter is more than just focused on our natural environment and planning processes, it addresses affordable housing and optimal urban design. It has been very encouraging to see Labor and Independent candidates joining with Greens candidates and numerous community organisations across NSW to endorse the charter. Given the sensible and inclusive approach to planning I would hope to see Liberal and National MP’s and candidates also endorse the charter and urge Andrew Fraser, the Nationals member here in Coffs Harbour, to also consider endorsing this improved approach to planning.”

For more detailed information regarding the charter, including state election candidates who have committed their support, go to

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