Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Our Vision!

A new leader for the nation and Liberal Party but really what has changed?  The same policies exist behind the new face and it seems the Coalition and the Australian Labor Party are simply following each other around the poll driven circles with changing policies and Captain's calls the order of the day.

Politics can be different.  The Greens do it differently.  Our policies are there for all to read.  It doesn't matter the topic, you'll find the Green view on it.  Our leaders are made up of all walks of life.  They are intelligent, thinking people and they are not swayed by corporate influence.  The Greens take NO corporate donations at all.  Here in NSW we don't even take Union donations.  Our finances come only from individual membership, individual donations and fundraising we undertake as and when we can.

Listen to our leader, Richard Di Natale as he talks about our Vision.

We are a party that believe in grassroots democracy.  Members like me can be involved in the decision making process.  It is a bottom up approach, not a top down "we know best" organisation.  Members can join and can represent their group at State Delegates Meetings.  Decisions taken at these meetings are then used to formulate policies.  Meetings are run with great respect for all attendees.

Sick of the other two major parties?  Make a statement.  Come and join us.  You can be as involved as you'd like to be and every membership sends a message to those currently in Government that we care about people, the environment and our lifestyle.  We are a party of growing strength.  Come and join that strength and help make the change you want to see.