Tuesday, 6 October 2015

The Fight for Pioneer Park is NOT over! Take action NOW!

So many will have seen the reports that council voted 5:4 that we lose Pioneer Park as it currently stands, despite 82% of poll participants saying they want it kept and even Gowings (the developer) saying they did not need a road built.

NBN News on the Council Vote

We were very disappointed when Sally Townley's attempt to have council write to Gowings to ask for consideration of the road through Pioneer Park was hijacked by Councillor  (Cr) John Arkan moving an amendment that council ask Gowings to bring forward their so-called "win-win" solution.  What this consists of is a permanent road with some architect designed panels to separate the people using what little will remain of the public space from the cars.

The five councillors who voted for this solution, (ie against retaining the park as is), are

Mayor Denise Knight
Cr John Arkan
Cr Mark Sultana
Cr Garry Innes
Cr Keith Rhoades.

ACTION:  Please email these councillors.
The links will help you email each one of these councillors and to let them know, please be polite, that you are not happy with this decision and that you would like them to reconsider and if not you won't be forgetting this vote when it comes to next year's Local Government elections. Also for Crs Knight and Sultana it would be good to ask why their position has changed.  At a previous meeting you can find this in the minutes.  You can see that Cr Sultana seconded Sally Townley's proposal and Cr Knight was in favour of it as well.  So why have they now changed?

RESOLVED (Townley /Sultana)
1.Council’s preferred position is to retain Pioneer Park as parkland.
2.That Council consult with the CBD Masterplan Committee further before the
next Council Meeting.

Given many of us received a letter stating the area was gazetted a road in 1897 I wonder if they can also explain what they think Coffs Harbour looked like in 1897 and how many cars there would have been in those days?   Given this council has a strong stance on koala preservation how can they justify removal of ANY koala trees?  Is the design of our city to be built on lines drawn on a map in 1897?

Out thanks to Crs Nan Cowling, Rodney Degens, Bob Palmer and our own Sally Townley who heard what the people of Coffs Harbour want and voted for that.

ACTION: Do you have photos of Pioneer Park?  We'd like to make a collection and especially those that show koalas.  Please send them to coffshg.secretary@gmail.com
Let's create a show of what this park means to us all.

ACTION: Contact Gowings - the company developing this Coffs Central Shopping centre.  We believe their reputation is at risk, given the high percentage of people from Coffs Harbour who DO NOT want this park destroyed.  We recommend emailing each of the board and management team.  Send them the links to the articles that show the people do not want this.  Send them copies of all the letters to the editor about this.  Let them know that you do not want it.  Let them know that they will be denying children the ability to see wild koalas right near their pre-school.

Gowings Director details.

Garth Grundy is the local Executive and we know his email to be ggrundy@gowings.com  
So it's probably fairly safe to suggest that the other Directors would have a similar format to their email and we have sent emails to the following which have not flipped.

John Gowing would be jgowing@gowings.com
Robert Fraser would be rfraser@gowings.com
Justin Chorn would be jchorn@gowings.com

The final 3 directors have been harder to contact so the following links are general links for businesses they work in so please send any emails ATTENTION the specific director.  Alternatively you could send them via the general enquiry email at gowings which is info@gowings.com

Tony Salier Pigott Stinson
Jeff Zulman Book Buyers Brokerage
John Parker Foresight's Global Coaching

You can read more about Gowings.  Also we see in this link that Gowings care about whales via their Whale Trust but is this just so much corporate hype?  What about koalas Gowings?

 You can also Contact Coffs Central  via email  or phone 6651 1629

Here are some more links about the ongoing campaign we have been running on this issue.  Please help us by taking some action.  Although gazetted as a road in 1897, this area has been used as a public park for many years and has koala habitat trees within it.  We do not believe this valuable green space should be lost to save some inconvenience over a 6-8 week period.