Friday, 13 November 2015

Speak up by the 18th re development on the northern beaches.

Less than 1 week left to have your say about future residential zoning for Coffs Harbour's northern beaches!

Submissions from all local Coffs Harbour residents regarding planning zones for the Northern Beaches of Coffs Harbour are being lodged with council until 18/11/2015.

Now is a great chance to influence the proposed planning for the northern beaches. Please consider:

Population Impacts
  • NSW government wants over 5000 people to call the northern beaches home in the next 15 years. Moonee Beach’s population alone will go from around 1000 people to over 5700 people. Local council infrastructure, such as roads and car parking, is not prepared to handle this population increase around Coffs Harbour nor our northern beaches.

  • This explosion in houses will greatly impact on both the Solitary Islands Marine Park and associated estuarine systems. The cumulative effects of coastal development are rarely considered and impacts on our coastal environment will range from wetland modification, pollution in waterways and increases to weed and pest species that contribute to reductions in overall biodiversity including estuarine and coastal fisheries.

  • Sea level inundation as indicated by Coffs Harbour Coastal Processes and Hazards Definition Study indicates seas will impact deferred lands at Moonee Beach and Emerald Beach by 2050 to 2100. Deferred land residential zoning needs to reflect future hazards.

Zone Diversity Solutions
  • E2 Conservation zone requires universal expansion to offset impacts to Solitary Islands Marine Park east of the highway.

  • Medium Density – R3 residential zones requires zone endorsement. Benefits include reduced development footprint, improved public transport, and planned diversity of public infrastructure, emissions reduction, and low capital expenditure.

  • Rural Residential – R5 zones diversifies current planned zones for Moonee Beach, Sandy Beach and Hearnes Lake. Benefits include minimising impacts on environmentally sensitive locations and ensuring that large R2 residential developments do not hinder all development options.

  • Public Recreation - RE1 zones at Moonee Beach, Sandy Beach and Hearnes Lake to provide connectivity and inclusion. This can be through land zoned to provide for community gardens, BBQ facilities, bicycle and foot paths, and outdoor exercise areas.

Your submission is a chance to have a constructive say. As it currently stands, these deferred lands will be zoned R2 – Low Density sub-division urban sprawl with expected population impacts on traffic congestion, school availability and environmental pollution. Let’s tell government something different!

To lodge your submission and for further information including Land Zone Maps go to: