Sunday, 13 March 2016

Event and Petition to Save Pioneer Park

We're still doing our best to save Pioneer Park.

So many good reasons as outlined in this petition which we would ask you to both sign and share amongst your networks please.

To Coffs Harbour City Council,

We the undersigned would like to register our views with Council regarding the permanent road through Pioneer Park. We believe that the very limited design shown is not nearly enough to support or justify this proposal, and that there are serious omissions of technical information.

We believe that 
1. Pedestrian access to the CBD will be affected negatively by this design;
2. That the proposed design results in unacceptable and unnecessary vegetation loss
3. That a raised roadway will have possible flooding effects on neighbouring lands.
4. That there is insufficient data on flood modelling
5. The road is a significant threat to the Coffs Creek Koala population
6. That the design has not been tested against the CBD Masterplan's aims regarding pedestrian flow
7. That the traffic studies have not considered impacts on existing intersections
8. That the road is unlikely to make a material,positive impact on traffic flow
9. That the design is not supported by peer review
10. That the lack of access to the Community Facilities land car park is a significant omission

We ask the Council to cease proceeding with a permanent road through the park until a holistic CBD traffic study has been completed. This should collect data on all intersections and roads, test all possible road re configurations and include modelling for the eventual,Coffs Harbour bypass of the Pacific Highway.

We are also holding a party and rally in Pioneer Park on

Monday March 21st from 4pm to 6pm

We hope to have some music and activities and to have as many people as can attend to again demonstrate to council that many people want to save this park as it is for both people and the koalas that use it.  Some councillors say not many people care - let's prove them wrong and show that we will not be supporting councillors who voted for this road in the next local Government elections.

Please join us!