Sunday, 6 March 2016


Can you help with one more try to SAVE Pioneer Park?

We have one last chance to save the Park but it needs YOU to put in a submission to council.  We have included all the information here to try to make this as easy as possible - it can be done via email.  

At the last council meeting, Sally Townley, Greens Councillor, successfully moved to have the new plans put on exhibition so that people could speak up.  Thank you Sally! Sally's full update on the last council meeting is included at the bottom of this post.

You have until 4.30pm on Wednesday 30th March 2016 to make a submission.  

Background and Details

Update from Sally on last council meeting re Pioneer Park

"Another marathon Council meeting this week, with close to two hours in discussions regarding Pioneer Park. First we heard two public presentations; one from the CBD Masterplan Committee Chair and one representing the Chamber of Commerce. Then we debated my recisssion motion from last fortnight, which centred around withdrawing the road proposal and completing a whole city traffic study to project alternate routes and priorities for change. Finally, Councillors viewed a single design for the road, which included significant cement barriers so the driving straight North on Duke St is not possible, nor is turning from old Duke St right into Vernon St. Additionally, there is no driveway entrance for the Mud Brick buildings car park.

I believe these are important considerations and that the community has the right to comment on a plan design, particularly considering the huge sacrifices involved in having the road. Further, there is no discussion of flooding apart from statements that the road height will be raised, which could exacerbate flooding in neighbouring properties.

I successfully moved to have the plan on exhibition for four weeks, and I hope as many people as possible take the opportunity to comment and give their views." Sally

Here are the plans if you would like to look at the detail of what council is going to do, unless we can stir up enough contrary opinion.

Duke Street Extension Plans

Your Submission

Points you may like to make in your submission:

- Koalas are an issue and insufficient studies were undertaken to justify any sort of road and what disturbance it may have to our local koala population.  The council also has a serious Koala Plan of Management and their behaviour with this section is very inconsistent with the approach they say they are taking.

- Loss of green space is a key issue. The Council's 2030 - plan talks about retention of connected green spaces, however this is not reflected in the CBD plan to any extent. Again plans on one hand but inconsistency in implementation. People enjoy this park for picnic lunches and the local pre school has marvelled at seeing koalas so close to their premises.

- The CBD planning process is another issue. While many community members give a great deal of time to contribute to this plan, it is widely agreed that the plan is business -driven and does not weight other factors such as "liveability".

- Flooding is a major issue and seems to have been completely ignored. Council's own flood maps-  show this is an area prone to flooding and many of us have experienced it.  How will adding more concrete change flood water directions and issues?

- Impacts on neighbouring land uses are important and have not been considered. The community facility land next door needs to be considered and anyone who works in this area may have an opinion on this.  We cannot see the graffiti wall included in this plan.  Is this to be removed?

- What do local small businesses feel is best?  In starting to ask some questions we have discovered some have not been included in discussions and who are also in favour of the retention of Pioneer Park as green space.  The impression for them was that the temporary road was the best option as it enabled work on flood mitigation as many businesses were subjected to major flooding in 2009.  The question remains unanswered as to whether this plan is of benefit to large landlords or whether it will also benefit the local small business operators.

You may have your own points to include.

How to make a submission

Title: Submission on the Duke Street Extension Project Design & Concept Plans
Hardcopy submissions should be addressed to: General Manager, Coffs Harbour City Council, Locked Bag 155, Coffs Harbour 2450 Or Email:
Feedback will be received until 4.30pm Wednesday 30 March 2016
Further information can be obtained from the website, by email or direct to Council’s Strategic Asset Management Group on 6648 4402.
- See more at:

If you'd like to include the Coffs Councillors their emails are:

"denise.knight" <>,
Sally Townley <>,
"rodney.degens" <>,
"john.arkan" <>,
"mark.sultana" <>,
"nan.cowling" <>,
"Garry.innes" <>,
"bob.palmer" <>,
"keith.rhoades" <>
PLEASE keep your language civil and include your contact details so they know it is a legitimate submission.  

Remember to send your submission to reach council NO LATER than 4.30pm March 30th 2016.