Thursday, 14 July 2016

Federal Election 2016 - How things panned out.

Well it's finally pretty much all over - so how did we do?  Here are a few bits and pieces to help you make sense of it all.

What the Australian Greens had to say.

Our Page campaign was very successful and this newspaper piece sums it up well in many ways.
In Page non-winners can still be grinners!
AEC Results Page show Kudra increased the Greens vote by almost 2%.

In Cowper, Carol Vernon worked very hard and the entrance of high profile Independent, Rob Oakeshott gave the electorate, who clearly do not understand preferential voting, the chance to get rid of long-term incumbent, Luke Hartsuyjer, and so many turned away from The Greens for the first time in many long years.  Carol had this to say about it.

“Our campaign is indebted to our wonderful supporters and members who worked for the implementation of our detailed, published policies.

“Our Greens’ vote was impacted by two factors. One was the boundary change for the electorate of Cowper. Some areas with a good Greens’ vote were moved to Page electorate and areas with a previous lower Greens’ vote were added to Cowper.

“The entry of popular independents to the campaign also affected the Greens’ vote especially when they both espoused many Greens’ campaign issues such as tackling climate change, closing our refugee detention camps and funding our schools on a ‘needs basis’.

“It is obvious that many Cowper voters are highly concerned about the looming climate catastrophe. It is evident they want change, not only in relation to the impacts of global warming but in many other areas, including strong representation to direct a greater share of Federal resources and funding to our neglected electorate.

“With this urge for change we have experienced a reduction in The Greens’ lower house vote. However, I remain convinced that the detailed, costed, realistic and workable policies of The Greens are the best pathway to addressing the injustice and the social and environmental issues in Cowper.

 “Throughout the campaign I emphasised the need for Greens in the Senate. In the Senate The Greens have prevented and will continue to prevent the Liberal and National Parties from slashing support for our most vulnerable citizens.

“In the Senate The Greens defeated the Coalition’s attempts to increase university fees

“In the Senate, The Greens secured Australia's first ever national register of foreign-owned water entitlements to ensure that if our precious land is sold, it must be in the national interest.

 “In the Senate The Greens Party consistently defended our environment against those who see it as a resource they can plunder. 

“In Cowper, The Greens’ Senate vote was higher, at 8.7%, than the state average and contributed to ensuring the return of our New South Wales Senator, Lee Rhiannon to The Greens’ Senate team.”

AEC Results Cowper

Senate Results

We are indebted to both candidates for standing in these two electorates.  No one understands how difficult the task is, unless they have tried it and Carol also had health issues to battle but hardly missed a beat.  Such dedication is the reason The Greens are so successful with such small budgets and only volunteers to do the work in these electorates.   Thank you Carol and Kudra from the bottom of our hearts.

On that note can you donate?  We are looking to build a strong local Government campaign as so much needs to change about the current decisions being made.  If you can, here's a link with all our details.

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