Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Tesla Powerwall in Sunny Sawtell

Sawtell resident Micheal Semb Wever has became the one of the first to install electric car maker Tesla’s Powerwall battery system in the Coffs Harbour region. 

Nirvana Semb Wever, Councillor Sally Townley, Michael Semb Wever and Greens candidate Jonathan Cassell 

While the long term financial benefits and reduction in carbon emissions initially attracted Mr Wever, it is the smart technology used by the Tesla Powerwall battery that has impressed his family. 

“The system now returns on investment anywhere from 20% to 30% per annum with the help of a powerful energy storage battery of 7kWh,” Mr Wever said.

“Choosing a 5kW Solar installation with premium panels along with the Tesla Powerwall and the Reposit software cost a total of $17k. It’s a manageable investment.”

Coffs Harbour Greens Councillor Sally Townley welcomes the long term investment in solar systems and recently visited the Wever family to discuss local resident attitudes to the new technology. 

Nirvana Semb Wever and Councillor Sally Townley

“It makes sense that we all reduce our dependence on coal. The Coffs Harbour area has plenty of sunshine and these new technologies also work amazingly in low light conditions.”

“What people want is council to lead in their renewable energy usage and make sure council’s electricity is from 100% renewable sources by 2030. We need strong Councillor leadership to make sure this happens.”

The Wever family now uses 75-90% less grid electricity. 

This graph shows the average consumption

“For our family of five our previous monthly electricity bills ranged from $300 upwards. Now there's significant savings and an obvious peace of mind purchased with this layout.”

Mr Wever is using Canberra start-up company Reposit Power software to manage the system. 

“It keeps track of both the household energy usage patterns and the grid
prices and it will then intelligently sell off battery energy when the grid 
is offering higher prices.” 

“Likewise it will recharge a battery during the night when grid prices are low if it knows the home will need extra electricity before the sunrise.”

The Wever family believe this is a sign of good things to come for a country of sunshine and reducing the energy costs of Coffs Harbour homes.

Councillor Sally Townley and Micheal Semb Wever

Photos by: Esmee Lane