Tuesday, 28 February 2017

A Plastic Ocean

By Jonathan Cassell

Marine plastic debris is killing sea birds, whales, and turtles whilst being a potential cause of disease in humans.

Today, more plastic is in the worlds oceans than at any time before and scientific research predicts that if plastic manufacturing continues on current trends then there will be as much plastic in the ocean by 2050 per weight as there are fish.

This is a dangerous development for our world and we need to act collectively to reduce our plastic usage.

Last Thursday night, Sea Shepherd Marine Debris Campaign and Take 3 for the Sea screened the documentary A Plastic Ocean to a sell out crowd.

The documentary by investigative Journalist Craig Leeson illustrates many disturbing examples of plastic pollution and its impacts upon marine and human life.

While the issue goes far beyond our national coastline, Australia could do more to demonstrate responsible leadership to other nations and our own citizenship and significantly limit plastic manufacturing and importation.

This is an issue calling out for genuine innovation Mr Turnbull!

As a culture, however, we are in the dark. The dim lights surrounding this problem are only now beginning to be noticed and political process in Australia seems seriously unresponsive to the crisis.

Are MP’s out of touch and unfit to deal with this gigantic problem?

How can our Nation-State responsibly endorse a plastic industry when we know plastic can take hundreds of years to ‘disappear’?

According to a Productivity Commission Chemicals and Plastics Regulation Report in 2008, plastics contribute to our well being but some can pose substantial risks to health and the environment.

As a society, we signed up to mass plastic production around 70 years ago. Back then, the plastic industry joyfully promoted plastic use would aid our well being. But like tobacco, the plastic industry also fails to account for the pain and suffering it causes.

We need immediate government intervention. 90% of sea birds contain plastic, whales are dying from ingesting plastic, and turtles “stupidly” confuse shopping bags with jelly fish. This is not to be ignored.

Lets make NSW plastic bag free and Ban the Bag.

Please pressure our local MPs Mr Fraser and Mr Hartsuyker to ban single use plastics.

Check out Plastic Ocean at:

Jonathan Cassell with Tim Silverwood from Take 3