Friday, 25 October 2019

CH Greens 'Save the Clarence' Film Night

Help save the Clarence River from the threat of toxic mining. To raise awareness, we are screening two powerful environmental documentaries in 'Connection to Country' and 'Earthrise'.

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These films awaken us to the incredible beauty of our world and what is at stake in our current era of industrialisation. The Clarence Environment Centre will speak about the Save the Clarence Campaign alongside Greens David Shoebridge MP.

Our wild rivers deserve protection from the exploitation of extractive industries. We all need water but it shouldn't be threatened for a quick buck. Too often our environment wears the brunt of decisions made in large disconnected cities. The impact upon the lives of the people who live, work and play locally are rarely seriously considered. This is even more so when valuing the cultural heritage of Aboriginal Australians.

All across our country Indigenous people's rights, like the rights of nature, are compromised for the promise of big business. The end result is the degradation of land and its people. The time for the environmental movement to fight back against the forces of destruction is needed more than ever. The system that subsidies the industrialisation of our world is not going to change unless we change. But how do we change? How do we connect and build a true movement of change?

We have all the technologies we need to make the world a safer and healthier place. Yet the destruction and exploitation continue. The missing element of scrutiny are the stories we tell about the world. Our culture is deeply materialistic and dependent on a top-down economy for our wealth. What would ecological eyes see? What would we see if we knew our place in the world alongside all species?

The films that will be screened as part of this evening ask and examine these questions. They grapple with the weight of industrialisation and its wonders and perils. I hope you will join us to start a greater discussion about how we see the world and what we can do to see the world as a connected living place.

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Please arrive at the Sawtell Majestic Cinema around 6.15 to be seated by 6.30!