Friday, 4 September 2020

Tell Gurmesh koalas are our 'eco-tourism' lifeline


Koala sleeping in tree


This week Nationals MPs including Coffs Harbour's Gurmesh Singh has threatened to cross the floor in NSW Parliament alongside Clarence MP Chris Gulaptis over proposed to changes to protect koalas.


Under the changes, koala feed trees will go from 10 to 123 in an effort to “modernise koala protection laws” said NSW Planning Minister Rob Stokes.


The Coffs Harbour Greens support the science that protecting koala habitat from loss and fragmentation gives koalas the best chance for a healthy future. 


But can they also help stimulate NSW's economy through koala ecotourism?


Our economy has been sluggish for decades and as the economy slowly recovers post-Covid Coffs Harbour must be ready for tourists.


Traditional jobs like logging have been in structural decline since the 80’s just as tourism has grown. Instead of throwing koala protections under the bus, we welcome Gurmesh Singh working with business to grow our regions tourism economy.


Contacting Gurmesh Singh's office is easy. Can you do it today (02) 6652 6500


Mr Singh has a chance to create a thriving tourism industry where employment rides on the koalas back. We hope Mr Singh reviews his position because he is looking increasingly out of touch with many who are afraid koalas will be extinct in the wild by 2050.


The NSW Parliamentary Inquiry into Koala Habitats and Populations found in June that the situation is very dire for koalas who will be extinct before 2050 unless there is urgent government action. 


There are many economic wins Mr Singh could focus on instead of tearing the Liberal-National party apart such as carbon farming and the Great Koala National Park.


Carbon farming helps farmers make a living from leaving small or large paddocks to regrow forests or planting them out with organisations such as Greening Australia.


We call on Mr Singh to work with his Liberal colleagues so we can all benefit from increasing koala numbers including our regional economy.  


Please reach out to Gurmesh Singh's office either via phone, email, on his facebook page today because his attitude to koala protections seem to be setting like cement... lets each of us break it up a bit!!!

We have release a video on youtube and facebook that asserts our position that Gurmesh Singh and the Nationals would do everyone a favor if they worked with farmers to make earth-friendly choices. 


Growing ecotourism is a win win we think. Let us know your thoughts!