State Election 2019

Mr Jonathan Cassell

I am a Secondary High School teacher who cares about what sort of future we will leave our children. I stand with nature, for a clean economy and a fair society!!!

I have lived in Emerald Beach, north of Coffs Harbour, for the last 15 years and was instrumental in an outstanding community win to stop a large urban property development of a local coastal wetland in 2016. This Land & Environmental Court victory in early 2017 inspired my resolve that community can make a difference.

My activism is motivated what is right in terms of the needs of future generations. This has most recently been as a climate protector with a local climate action group. In late 2017, I was part of a #stopadani group that travelled to Townsville and successfully interrupted a State candidate economic forum sympathetic with the Adani mega-coal mine.

As an active member of the Coffs Harbour Greens since 2014, I was a Greens candidate for the 2016 Coffs Harbour Local Government Election and was elected group Convenor in November 2017. I am also the Campaign Coordinator for the seat of Cowper in the upcoming 2019 federal election.

I take a strong stance on climate change, ecological economics, green development, public sector employment, environmental conservation, regenerative agriculture, youth disadvantage and everyone’s mental well being. I seek to understand the deeper structural causes of our social and environmental issues through eco-psychology and Indigenous sovereignty. Why – because another’s well being is bound by our own sense of wellness.  

I am fiercely passionate about the state of our planet and how we as humans have an opportunity now, unlike any time before, to stand as equals with our planet. When I look into the young eyes of my students and I see them waking up to the reality of our world I am deeply motivated to address the dysfunction of our current socio-political system.

I will represent our lasting everyday community values in parliament and hold the major parties to account. Together we can create a fairer and cleaner future for all of us!!!