The Coffs Harbour Greens - Putting Our Community First

  • No secret deals 
    We commit to transparency and accountability. The community should not be in the dark about how council spends rate payers’ and tax payers’ money. 
  • Sustainable progress 
    We commit to support appropriate development and engage communities with our vision for a healthy environment and society.
    Well-informed planning should be used to create the best mix of residential, rural, environmental and business zones across the landscape. We will maximize opportunities for public participation in decision-making. We recognize the value of our rural lands and food production. We will work to protect our fragile coastal zones, natural areas and waterways.
  • Local infrastructure prioritised 
    We commit to ensuring delivery of infrastructure and funding for local footpaths, roads and cycleways.
    We support the maintenance of high quality parks, reserves, playgrounds and public spaces. We will work towards better pedestrian and cycle connections and opportunities for public transport.
  • Planning for the community 
    We commit to building a community with a diversity of cultural and social interests and opportunities.
    We recognize the first people of this land, the Gumbayngirr people as well as all those who have come afterwards. We believe that a vibrant community is one which supports and participates in art, culture and sporting and social opportunities.  We believe that local government has a role to play in creating connections between people.
  • 100% renewable energy by 2030. 
    Real action on tackling global warming has never been more important.
    Dr Townley played a key role in the agreed targets for renewable energy and our commitment is to reach the goal of Council using 100% renewable energy by 2030 or sooner.
  • Protecting the coast and waterways 
    Coffs’ magnificent coastline is enjoyed by tourists and locals. 
    We recognize the fragility of the coast and our commitment is to maintain a clear view of the coastline. Water is crucial to all life, we commit to maintain healthy rivers and creeks for drinking, farms and ecosystems. The Greens will strive to ensure Coffs Harbour joins other progressive and responsible councils and states around Australia that have already banned single use plastic bags.

  • Open and accountable decision-making (Decisions are open to scrutiny - Greens are unique in our transparent and inclusive approach to governance)
  • Protecting our environment from irresponsible development (Preserving the health of region's water from mining activities, sensible planning that is sensitive to environment changes)
  • Appropriate koala/habitat management and promotion (stewardship and economic benefits of a local icon and associated habitat prioritized)
  • Supporting local education and employment opportunities (Fostering an education hub and advocating local businesses where possible)
  • Improved and varied public transport (Greater variety and affordability supported and sponsored by council where possible)
  • Working for all of our community (Sustainable and equitable practices for our community given preference over vested interests)
  • The team you can trust

• Improved openness and scrutiny of Council decision-making• Stopping several developments on floodplains• Ensuring the return of almost $300K owed to Coffs Harbour City Council by Rally Australia• Numerous koala conservation outcomes• Protecting the regional water supply from mining• Support for sustainability initiatives including ensuring sponsorship of Renewable Energy Fair and Sustainability Expo and establishment of the Community Garden• Coal Seam Gas ban• Protection of Northern Beaches Greenbelts• Preventing the sale of important public recreation lands.

This website authorised by:
Jonathan Cassell
Coffs Harbour Greens Convenor