Federal Election 2019


This is the name we are familiar with but the boundary has been changed and now takes in Port Macquarie but cuts off several northern areas that were traditionally within Cowper - here's the map
Reminder that places like Sapphire Beach and Nana Glen that have traditionally been in Cowper are since 2016 in the electorate of  Page.

Sally Townley is our candidate for Cowper.  Many of you already know Sally and she is a passionate and hard-working candidate.

Our Page candidate is Daniel Reid. Young and enthusiastic, this is Daniel's first Federal Election and he brings plenty of energy to the table.  Daniel can be connected via facebook.

The Senate
Your vote in the senate is critical and we are fielding a high quality team of NSW candidates lead by the indomitable Mehreen Faruqi. If you don't already know Mehreen then find out more here.

You may be aware that Senate voting rules changed at the last Federal election. Here's a recap!

We will be sound economic managers.  Here are just a few things to consider:

We'd like to see the end of fossil fuel donations. a more humane treatment of asylum seekers, fairer taxes and better services for all.  We are committed to health and education and to our very precious environment with climate change our number one priority.

Want to know more?  You can find all our policies here.  please talk to your friends and family about them and help to educate people to vote on policies rather than personalities or promises - many of which are broken.

What can you do?  Volunteer to help by letter boxing, door knocking, handing out at booths and much more.  Volunteer here.  Donations from individuals are also welcome.  Donate here.  Finally give serious thought to joining The Greens.  We thrive through our membership and you'll be amazed to find that yes, you can make a real difference!