Greens Policies and Principles

Greens run on a platform of four pillars:

  • Social Justice
  • Ecological Sustainability
  • Peace and non-violence
  • Grassroots democracy
Social Justice

The Greens believe in justice for all and no discrimination. We work to ensure the strong cannot abuse the weak and that all gain a fair go irrespective of financial status, religion, sexual preference or gender.

Policies including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders, education, juvenile justice, older people, women and social equality fit under the social justice pillar.

In the State Election 2019 we'll be highlighting items such as a 'Fair Go' for TAFE.  We oppose cuts to TAFE funding and the plans to redirect TAFE money to private providers. We also believe in the Gonski recommendations and we'll stand up to the Federal Government to ensure they are delivered in NSW.  We very much support the retention of public assets and we would like to see more support of local food producers, local industries and small business. We also support our local health services, particularly emergency departments and services for rural residents.  Public transport has not been forgotten with a need for improved services for residents that rely on public services.

Ecological sustainability.
There is no planet B and The Greens are firm believers in the philosophy of ensuring we maintain our environment in a sustainable way that protects species, including the human race.  The suggestion that the economy and environment are somehow separate is really totally illogical.  Without an environment there is no economy.

Policies in this area include air quality, biodiversity and wetlands.

The Nationals like to suggest The Greens are anti forestry, fishing and mining.  This isn't the case. What The Greens are for is sustainable industries and that communities are heard about what they want with regard to the environments they live in.

In the State Election 2019 we'll be working towards a 'Fair Go' for Future Generations and our environment. We want to see our existing marine reserves protected and we want to see an end to unsustainable deforestation.

Peace and non-violence
The Greens do not believe that violence is a solution to any issue.  Over the years Ghandi and also The Quaker movement have figured in discussions in this area.  The Greens prefer to find diplomatic solutions to war and to reduce the proliferation of weapons as a means to reduce violence in the world.

Policies include firearms

In the State Election 2019 we believe addressing social inequality with a 'Fair Go' for all may assist towards reductions in domestic violence and ultimately violence in society as a whole. Supporting the vulnerable and, of course, prioritising refuge and housing, along with health and education opportunities etc. are critical for empowering people and subsequently providing all members of our community alternatives to crime and violence to survive and prosper as part of a more cohesive community.

Grassroots democracy

Though Richard De Natalie is seen as the leader of The Greens at a federal level, have you noticed that we have no specific leader in NSW?  At all levels we have spokespeople for various areas.  The philosophy of The Greens is to keep the power at the grassroots level, rather than it accumulating in the leadership. As a local member you can have a real say in our direction.

Policies include democracy, participation and elections

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